[Interview] Sami Perttula (Korpiklaani): My dream was to become long haired guitarist"

On the occasion of release of first ever live DVD by Korpiklaani we’ve got the opportuninty to talk with Sami Perttula. We’ve talked about Live at Masters of Rock, inspiration and about upcoming album.

Paulina Łyszko: Hello. How’s the year is going so far for You and Korpiklaani?

Sami Perttula: Hi! For me the year have been busy with studying and working. Korpiklaani have taken this year easier what come to Turing, because we decided to take time for our DVD and to record our next album.

PŁ: In August Korpiklaani released first ever live DVD Live at Masters of Rock. Are You exited?

SP: Of course I am! I am positively surprised about the final product that is out now. It’s looking and sounding like us. I am happy with that.

PŁ: Personally I love to watch live DVDs, it always helps to “move” your imagination and went back to memories from concerts. Feel it a little. Do You have Your favourite live albums/DVDs?

SP: I agree. live DVDs are also great way to start to learn to know new bands. It’s more entertaining than albums, even thought you wouldn’t be familiar with the music. Well… right now none of live DVD’s come to my mind, but I can recommend one document called Soundbreaker. it’s about finnish accordionist called Kimmo Pohjonen. It’s not about metal music, but I can recommend it to everyone, who is interested about accordion, finnish madness and experimental music.

PŁ: Was it difficult to make setlist for concert, which was scheduled on upcoming DVD?

SP: We spent more time for that, than usually, but luckily we have done that much of gigs, that we know pretty well, how to make good and entertaining setlists. Material from our latest album is well presented tere, but we tried to pick up something from all the albums.

PŁ: What do You prefer most – smaller gigs, or big festival concerts?

SP: Personally I love small venues, so the audience is right in front of you. It’s easier to get connection with listeners and see their reactions, so that’s fun. On the other hand those places are usually very hot and there’s no room to move much on stage.

PŁ: What was the weirdest, or funniest thing which happened to band on the road?

SP: (Laugh) I have too weird sense of humor, so maybe I won’t answer to this one.

PŁ:Korpiklaani released song for FC Lahti. Where did the idea came from?

SP: Korpiklaani is supporting one finnish soccer team called FC Lahti, so we did that as an supporting song for them. If you go to see their games in Lahti, you can hear it there.

PŁ: When can we expect the new Korpikaani’s studio album? You’ve said, that the band is currently working on New material.

SP: We are working with it right now. We are sending demos to each other and making arrangements. The new album will be released during next year! We are trying to do our best album ever –as allways.

PŁ: How are You and Your bandmates find inspiration to create music?

SP: It’s individual thing for everyone. For me it’s just playing music, listening music. Sometimes it’s just a good mood, that can create music in my mind. It’s about searching. Usually it happens when I don’t even think about music - while jogging, or being next to nature.

PŁ: When did You knew, that You want to be a musician? And when did You realized that accordion is Your “thing”?

SP: I remember that I was like 16 years old, when I decided to start to take music more seriously. I was 9 years old, when I started to play accordion after seeing one guy playing it in my parent’s home. I fell in love to that sound and still it can bring really good feelings to me, when I hear certain kind of old accordion sound somewhere. It was like watching magician doing tricks, or storyteller telling stories.

PŁ: Let’s talk about music idols… who were Your “music heros”? Are They still Your favourite bands?

SP: I believe my first touch to metal music was Manowar, Iron Maiden and W.A.S.P, but after Children of Bodom releasing their first album I started really listen metal music. I would say, my idols were those virtuoso guitar players like Yngwie Malmsteen and so on. My dream was to become long haired guitarist, but I became bald accordionist (laugh). Nowadays I don’t listen much of metal music and overall that kind of idea about idols have disappeared from me.

PŁ: What is Your biggest music dreams? Maybe a dream place to play gig in?

SP: Well, I think it’s just to manage my life, so I can make my living by playing music and to do an album, that would be considered as an classic one day. It’s always important to create music, where own “fingerprints” can be visible. Maybe one personal goal would be, to play all  French suites by J.S. Bach in a concert when I will be 50 years old, just for own fun.

PŁ: How do You see Korpiklaani’s future?

SP: I see our career have been all the time rising up, so I believe it going to go that way also in a future. More and more people start to be aware about folk metal.

PŁ: Would You like to say something to Korpiklaani’s polish fans?

SP: Polish audience have always been one of our favourites! Stay tuned for the next album and check the DVD.